Welcome to all of our new members, we look forward to seeing you at the tables. If you find yourselves low on buxs please ask in the lobby we have many members who would be more than happy to donate to you. Few rules we would like to touch base on with all of  you, the updated table talk ruling and tourney play.

Table Talk Ruling

Table talk of any form is not permitted in this league
If table talk does occur, the hosting tourney director will give a warning and hand will be skipped once. This means ANY talk of the hand in play before the point is taken or euchred.

Slow Play

We here at Good Times Euchre expect members to play at a steady pace.
Should the hosting tournament director deem the pace to be slow, a slow play warning will be implemented at that time.If a second warning is placed for slow play that results in a disqualification from the tournament.
If you are disqualified from the tournament, you cannot participate in the remainder of the tournament.
Slow play spam: We all enjoy a steady pace of play so unfortunately this is your 1st slow play warning, 1 more warning and I am sorry, but you will be dq'ed

Boo Ruling

Left of the boo’er choose to skip 1 or 2 times
Left of the boo’er can choose to play out the hand (when can) and not skip
If a boo is fixable by the td, this is the first option.

When a boo occurs at the tables, contact the running tourney director immediately, no boo is to be corrected at the tables without the td present, the only exception to this rule if is the running director has asked another TD in the tourney at that table to watch for them.

As our league grows we have many players in the lobby to play in tournaments. With this we do find issues, it is imperative to pay attention to the td running the tournament that you are registered in, making table soon as the pairing are posted this will enable the tourney to move on at a good rate. Also. talking in the lobby while playing in a tournament is not only distributive to other players but also slows down play at the tables so lets be considerate to other members at the table and keep the playing pace going.




If you would like to help the league with donations used for our Plus League, Music for the Badge Pages and our Chat Box please go to the main page, left side above the list of Admins and click on donate. Any contributions would be greatfully appreciated and in the help of keeping our league the best on the net. For more information please contact Gina, aka Bitemebaby69 our Head Admin




January Winner- xxClassyxx 10 Wins

New to the league? Lasting member with out a badge page? Let's make you one. Contact either Bitemebaby or Maverick. To view our excisting badges follow this link, it can also be found on our Leagues Main Page under Badges.

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